Sunday, March 13, 2016

[ Wow? ]

3 months since my last log in.
Wow, we are already in the month of March.

Yesterday was interesting.
We had our first sports day with MDC and I participated in the 4x100m relay.
Didn't think that our team was going to win a gold for it because i hardly ever run anymore.
Not to mention how the opposing team was pretty strong.

But hey, surprise surprise!
My teammates and I fared really well I'd say. XD
Kudos to the red team for winning the entire thing.

But what I really walked home away with was the whole team spirit and bonding thing.
It was there, but we didn't really had a feel of it while working and filming the entire time.
It's good to have events like that honestly.
Brings humanity closer to where we are supposed to be.

Especially since the awards season is very much near.
Not expecting much again because I didn't last year and I wasn't actually am disappointed with not getting the top 10.
But yeah, we'll see how this year goes.
What's with it being held at a new campus all.

That's all for now, I guess.
Haha can't wait for the results ratings for 复仇女王.
We're 3 more episodes away from the finale, let's hope it's going to soar. :)


Saturday, December 26, 2015

[ Boxing day 2015? ]

Say what, it's already the end of 2015?
It's already boxing day?
It's already my birthday eve?
Where did all the time went?

I don't know about you, but I'm thankful for this year.
As much as it has its' rough times and all, I'm so happy I came out stronger and better than ever.
It's the usual saying about tough times don't last but tough people does. :)

I hope yours has been a great one, if it haven't been, you must have overlooked the good things because there MUST be something good about 2015.

Because the happiest things can come from the most simple things in life.
You really don't need much to be happy. :)


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[ Finally Back On Track. ]

So it's beautiful Tuesday morning (despite the haze).
And I'm about to head out soon for a workshop then drop by town to fix up my hair color!
Reason for the title is pretty simple.


Can't wait to get back into the momentum of being busy and doing what I love.
The thrill of it, the bonding, really hard to find within productions itself.
I'm totally looking forward to watching this already!!

With that being said, stay safe and hydrated. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[ Meh. ]

Was used to leaving my MacBook Air alone.
But I'm back, maximising all my Apple products.
So nothing's been going on for awhile now like I've already expected it.
Just a really chilled out August with a few things here and there.

Have been contemplating on taking up dance classes, boxing lessons and whatnot.
But can't seem to be able to bring my lazy bones out of the house where I'm most comfortable in.
Thus, we're back to square one.

Nothing is happening.
When you're busy, all you want to do is to rest.
But when you're resting, you either just want to do something or rest some more.
And I'm having the time of being stuck in between the former and latter.

It takes time getting used to having a job with irregular timings.
Because most friends around me have the kind of nine to five jobs, it's almost hard to organise gatherings and meet ups with them even if I'm mad free now.
Could only do it after hours, which isn't exactly my thing (not exactly a fan of crowds).

Wanted to head overseas for a holiday but I'm scared for the life of me.
What's with all the bombing going on and all.
It pains me to watch the news nowadays.
I just wish the world can be a peaceful place for everyone to live in harmony.
Why is it so hard to achieve that?
Why must we make one's differences become the ''problems'' instead of solving them?

Another down side about having too much free time is, you tend to think a lot.
I'm not even kidding about the a lot part.
There has been so many things on my mind.
So much more that I'm having difficulty sleeping at nights/ mid-mornings sometimes.
I need a better body clock.

But good thing is, I'm back to reading again.
An app that I've been using on the phone is Scribd.
It's free for a month and then you start paying a subscription fee for it subsequently.
Am on my second month now and I'm still loving it.

Been so obsessed with John Locke's books that I've completely his 'Donovan Creed' series, 'Dani Ripper' series as well as 'Gideon Box' series.
I'm not usually into thrillers but hell, this guy got me hooked like crazy.
I like the fact that his books are all well-paced, yet you still get details out of it.
Especially love that he sometimes puts different point of views from different characters.
It's just like how E.L James came out with 'Grey' from the '50 Shades Of Grey'.

Did I also mention how the characters in all of his series are all related somehow or another?
I love love LOVE the links between them and it feels like I'm treasure hunting sometimes.
Gah, thank you John Locke for your awesomeness that got me back into reading.

Gotta find something else to do now.
Should be starting on ''Producers'' in abit.
And here comes the abrupt ending, lol.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

[ Trip Down To Estetica. ]

I'm blogging via the Blogger app on my phone and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the functions, definitely made blogging a breeze now! :)

So like I mentioned on my Dayre (you can read it here), this is all about the details of the facial. 

Made my way down to Plaza Singapura that day and boy was I in dire need of self-pampering due to all the accumulated stress from filming in KL. What can I say? #欧阳萱萱 really is the hardest role for me to play to date. 

Really love the whole concept of the store front. Purple and white. Royally simple. :)

Began the consultation with Alice and I literally learnt so much more about my skin from that session, pretty amazed. 👍🏻

I'm serious when it comes to skincare. Also thankful my parents for gave me a really good start with their genes. However, I'm more towards the fairer side on the skin tone chart and I tend to want to keep it that way. Thus, am always applying brightening mask, lotions and whatnot. Only to find out that it's not exactly good for my skin because it's drying. 

Did a skin analysis test using the SkinTech Machine. The results of my skin's level of hydration, sebum, skin elasticity and pigmentation were then computed and converted into charts and shown on the screen. 

Alice told me that if my skin have got enough hydration going on, I wouldn't have to worry much about brightening because everything underneath will balance out. Which I thought, made a lot of sense. XD 

Finally after learning all about the condition, it's time for some treatment!

I got the names list for the products being used because I thought some of you might be interested in purchasing them (also because I'm one of them said interested buyers). XD 

Step one: Cleansing with Vitalift A+ Revive Cleansing milk & ActivCalm Calming lotion. 
My thoughts: I came without makeup but had some sunblock on. There was a slight difference in terms of my skin's level of moisture when Alice helped me cleansed my face versus my own cleansing routine which involves eye makeup remover and remover wipes. I guess the cleaning milk and calming lotion had something to do with it. 

Step two: Facial massage with ActivCalm Moisturizing Cream. 
My thoughts: I'm told that it boosts cellular metabolism and repair skin protective barrier. I don't know about that but I love love LOVE this part the best. Drifted off to dreamland the moment it started. My goodness, it was so awesomestically satisfying that my mood was lifted instantly. XD 

Step three: Firming eye treatment using SRS Lymphatic system by applying OptimaLift A+ Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. 
My thoughts: It might not seems like it in photos but my eyebags and dark circles are actually quite bad from all the sleepless nights in KL. But I did notice how my eyes seemed less puffy after the entire facial ended. 

Step four: Moisturizing time with ActivCalm UltraCalm Serum. 
My thoughts: Love this product. Instant dewy-ness can be felt almost instantly. The suppleness is to die for!!

Step five: Masking with Derma Calm Mask. 
My thoughts: Gotta love masks. They are the ones locking in all the moisture. 

Much confidence was felt after that one session, so much so I walked around PS barefaced. XD 

Gahhhhhh, I'm missing the facial as I'm typing this. Really wanna fit another appointment into my schedule soon! 

Estetica has 9 outlets located island wide and they are having a promotion for their customized facial now at $68 (U.P. $198). You can sign up here!

Do get yourself an appointment with them if you're interested with what I tried that day!
For more info, you can visit their website! :)

You can find all information you need at their Facebook page and their Instagram account.
Follow them for more updates if you like! :)
Last but not least, thank you so much for reading.

Till the next time, take care and see ya around.