Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[ As The FC President Of #8DukesSG... ]

I literally teleported down to MDC when I saw this.

Either insane or just have got a ginormous ego, I can't decide. X)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

[ Shopping Fanatic. ]

I just went crazy online.
Like crazy shopping.
And I guess I needed a place to vent this craziness.

Been thinking to myself about spending money on what and where.
I guess I was just venting my stress out somehow?
Hahaha, I don't know man.

Qoo10, Daiso and Watsons are a huge no-go for me if I'm feeling abit stingy at that moment.
Because no one can simply walk out of these places without spending anything.
I just spent about hundred near two hundred on Qoo10 buying things that I might not need or necessarily need for the future.

But at the back of my mind, I was just telling myself to do it.
I don't even know why and what I'm typing over here.
Probably just miss being able to get through to myself via this space here.
Not even sorry for being random because I kind of miss my blogging days.

Talking about that, shall do a little update here.
Been filming recently for a few productions and I must add how I was pretty free and schedules were quite spaced out, but when one starts getting busy, boy do all schedules come together.
Not complaining because having something to look forward to is a blessing to me.

Well, you'll always want something you can't have.
This phrase, goes well with anything you come across in life.
Be it love, friendship, jobs, health and whatnots.

So all I can say and remind you and me is to cherish and treasure what we have.
We might not be able to see what we have right in front of us, that doesn't mean we are not fortunate.
It means that we are just blinded and complacent for having what we have.
Because there are so many people out there who wish they have what we have, even if it's just a wee bit of it.

So take care and be safe. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[ #ScootToHongkong! ]

Here's the super overdue post which is supposed to be up a few months back.
''Productive'' and ''busy'' makes a good pair of words if you ask me.
Though I can't help but feel like packing my bags and head to somewhere erotic once in a while for a little adventure, but am way too timid to do so because Singapore is such a safe and protected country.

So when the opportunity arise for me to head out on my own, I HAD to grab it.
All thanks to #ScootSG as well as my beloved managers for letting me head up to Hongkong for a few days' rest and shopping.
Well, techically it's shopping and eating for the most part there, but I did have my fair share of rest. X)

Mandatory shot with the mascot bear!
I named it Scooty.
I know, so much for creativity right? X)

My travel companion for that few days.

Also another compulsory shot of the clouds and the sky.

I do not have all of the photos taken throughout the few days there, but here are some of the highlights! 

With the good looking staffs from the Ozo Hotel!
Which is located in a really convenient location might I add. X)

My first meal after I touched down!
Was so excited to have anything in my tummy after all the flying.

And so we did.
Drooling even when I'm blogging this right now...

I have no idea how lucky I was.
Must have done alot of good thing in my past life because...

Ever so thankful. :)

Managed to put my 96cafe coffee making skills into good use too!
A real cup of coffee with the ever so friendly barista near our hotel.
And this is my version.

And then I went crazy shopping.
Hahaha even did a little wig shopping.

Of course, sight-seeing was a must when you're in a foreign country.

So is tasting local delicacies.
Even helping out at the stall when the stall owner gets too busy with orders. X)

Really am thankful for the chance and honour to be part of the first batch of passengers to be onboard of Scoot's very first flight to Hongkong.

Am praying for my next holiday to come so I can #ScootToSydney/ Bangkok/ Tokyo/ Taipei! XD
Because for the price they are offering to fly you there, you'll be able to save more and spent more on your shopping! :)

You can check out their website here if you're interested!

Friday, February 07, 2014

[ Your Biggest Enemy Is... ]

I guess this space right now is a fairly good place for me to vent my feelings...

It's beeeeeeen awhile since I've been sick for such a long time.
I have got a body that won't succumb to illnesses easily.
But when I do, it can be such a pain in the ass because it can go on for quite some time.

It has been almost a week since I starting out with a mere sore throat.
Snowballing to a cough -> cough with phlegm -> sneezes -> flu -> fever.

I used to think that I am strong woman.
I think I can call myself that now since I'm on my way to 23 now.
My point is.
I know I am strong.
I know I can achieve things that I want once I've my eyes on it.

But life is always a surprise.
It slaps you and wake you up
Letting you know that you are...
Just a human.
Someone who bleeds,
who feels,
who can be really paranoid,
who is quite sensitive,
who cries so easily over Lea Michele's speech she gave at Teens Choice's award on Cory Monteith,
who is just like you.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

[ 2014! ]

My god is this space dead.
Been Dayre-ing more than ever.
Such a convenient little tool.
If only Blogger was like that as well...

Really abrupt end I know.
But there's more on x)