Friday, May 27, 2011

[ don't leave me just yet... ;( ]

hahahaha if you haven't notice, this is the first blog post after changing my link from Jiaqiwoo dot blogspot to Jayleywoo dot com.
and there's more to come.
so people please don't leave me just yet. ;(

just wanna update this space here because i've got tons of stuffs to share AND give away to you guys. ;)
and here's a little sneak preview of what i've been up to recently... X)
hahahaha if you've been following my twitter or facebook/ fanpage, you would have known that i'm preparing for a competition (along with P.L.L) that is happening at scape warehouse tomorrow, come down and watch us live! :D

and do help P.L.L to like our video by going to the link here. ;)
scroll down and you'll see us dancing. X)

anyway i really hope to see you at scape tomorrow! :)
will be there by 12pm for rehearsals together with OvD! :D
and if you've got no idea who they are, simply watch these videos. ;)

haha they will be at the WAH korea event as guest performers while P.L.L will be competing against other universities' dance clubs. :)
zomg mad nervous and excited while typing this. X)

OH and CJ crew will be at taka to perform a series of dance, this coming sunday! :D
gonna prepare and head off to CJ for vocals now. ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

[ current ear candy episode 4. ]

hahahaha not the usual ear candy but zomg it's damn addictive!

i say boom boom boom, now everybadee say waeho!


Friday, May 20, 2011

[ sponsored - first brazilian ever! :D ]

was invited down to mandarin gallery's strip for a brazilian waxing session with them! :D
oh boy was i nervous! :(

the friendly girl who attended to me. X)
hahaha it was kinda embarrassing at first because i was half naked, ahem and yeah. X$

power not, still can camwhore, HAHA. XD

posters by the side and all. X)

the peace oil that's suppose to sooth the waxed area. ;)

they even spoofed yanyan! XD

lavender, strawberry and chocolate wax! :D

the waiting area! :D
i was really scared and all.
but it wasn't THAT pain. ;)

my threshold for pain ain't very high but yeah it was so-so! :D
i'm so going back again! :D

anyway, i used the latest strawberry wax!
it is a gentle and soothing formula that is perfect for brazilian virgins like some of us out there!
this pretty pink wax contains aloe vera and chamomile extracts to calm even the most delicate skin! ;)
the treatment is priced at $58. X)

oh and the nice people from strip also came out a handy brazilian virgin kit which contains all the essential post wax care like the x'ed out cream, ice cream, peace ampoule, strawberry body scrub and strawberry body butter, all housed in the cute lego inspired box.

and this is priced at $25. ;D

and guess what people? :)
there's a promotion going on! :D
till 31/07/11, strip is offering all brazilian virgins 30% off their first brazilian wax and on top of that, brazilian virgins get to purchase the brazilian virgin kit at just $15! :D
call 62353292 to book an appointment now! :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

[ sponsored - ginvera round 2! ]

new products to introduce to you guys! :D

start out with a clean and cleansed face! :D

good amount for neck and face! :D
granted that your neck won't have acne but i like to play safe. :)

apply that and you're good to go with the bb cream! :D

good coverage or what! :DDDD

hahaha and both of these products smell awesome! :D

redeem your free new aqua whitening cream (with oil control) and nude cover BB cream spf 30/pa++ samples by clicking here or here! :D


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[ advertorial - december flight! ]

pretty clothes to introduce! :D

hahahaha don't look like the real me but i like! X)
super duper comfy! :D

this one also!!
really flow-ly and felt like a second skin! XD

who says you need to be rich to have pretty clothes like these?
simply click here! :D

new mailing listees get free normal postage.
simply quote 'jiaqiwoo' in discount code.
(only applies to 1st time buyer though! ;D)

Monday, May 16, 2011

[ current ear candy episode 3. ]

what am i suppose to do when the best part of me was always you...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

[ performance at ngee ann poly with CJ! :D ]

it just happened like yesterday? ;)
enjoy! :D


Thursday, May 12, 2011

[ advertorial - anything is possible with felicitynails! :D ]

7 May 2011

my nails were like this...
sorry for the fugliness, felicia. X)
i've got itchy fingers. X)

then it was a frosty pale blue... ;)

to bright blue glittered nails...

to chunky glittered ones... ;)

to kawaii fruity fruits on the ring finger. XD
bling or what? X)

this set cost only $80!
where to find such good deals? :D
only at...
click on the photo! :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[ sponsored - food tasting at eastern restaurant! ]

5 May 2011
invited a few bloggers like myself down for a food tasting! :D

a few promotions they are having.
take note, kaplan students! :D

and some of the food they served us! :D
do not read on if you're hungry.
but if you do, prepare a bucket just in case you drool. ;D
love this chicken! :D
super tender. X)

yumsssssssssss! XD

this crab thing is damn frigging nice also.
zomg i'm literally drooling. XD


hahahaha the boss of the restaurant.
very nice and friendly albeit shy. X)
hahahaha all in all, it's an awesome session and the food are really nice!
and as long as you like their facebook page in their shop and present the evidence, you're entitled to a discount! :D

you can locate the shop at centrepoint.
just take the escalator down and then walk past a few pushcart shops then take another escalator up and walk down a strip of restaurants and tadah! :DDDD

hahaha then we went to CJ for crew training. ;)
and i bought a super red lipstick from sephora and decided to test it.
check out those kisses i gave the girls. X)
hahahaha. X)